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How it works.

You display other's ads in your applications.

Create App

Create AdPlacement

Integrate SDK in Your App

Publish Your App in Google Play

Your App Displays Other Ads

Ad is Clicked

They Get More Downloads

Your Credit Increases

They display your ads in their applications.

Create Campaign

Create AdCreative

Their Apps Display Yout Ad

Your Ad is Clicked

You Get More Downloads

Your Credit Decreases

Ads Exchange

Ads Exchange

Exchange your extra ads with other developers and reach new countries.

Free Downloads

Gross Promotion

Get free downloads without paying any cent. Only 10% margin of served ads go to tapsouq.

Reports & Matrices

Reports & Matrices

Our dashboard reports make it easy for you to monitor your performance.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Integrate our SDK in a few lines of code.

Only 2 Steps

1 Integrate SDK

Integrate SDK You can add apps from your account page and integrate SDK in two lines of code.

2 Create Ad Campaign

Create Ad Campaign create your ad campaign and target countries and create your creative to start getting installs.