FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is TapSouq?
TapSouq is an android ad-exchange network where developers can help each other to get free downloads for their applications.
What is the benefit?

Most android applications that use monetizing ads, get low fill rate because ad networks target some users in specific countries. And most users don't receive ads at all.

So you can utlize the un-filled ads by showing ads of other developers in tapsouq community and they will show your ads in their app. As a result you will reach new users and new countries.

How TapSouq Ad-Exchange works?
You show the ads of other developers in your applications and they show your Ads in their applications. When an Ad inside your app is clicked you get 1 credit. And when your Ad is clicked from inside other developer app your credit will decrease and his credit will increase by 1.
Does tapsouq affect monetizing Ads?
No. Your monetizing Ads will not be affected at all. You can put tapsouq ads in other screens or show tapsouq ads when monetizing ads is not displayed.
What is the cost of this service?
It is free. You will get new downloads for free by utilizing your app inventory. And 10% of served ads will be taken by tapsouq.
What is the credit?
Basically 1 click = 1 credit. And the cost of each click increase the credit in rich countries (e.g. US tier 4) as follow:
  • tier 1: 1 click = 1 credit
  • tier 2: 1 click = 2 credit
  • tier 3: 1 click = 3 credit
  • tier 4: 1 click = 4 credit
How I could gain credit?
By showing Ads of other developers. Each click on the Ads will increase your credit.
How I could promote and spend credit?
You can spend your credit by creating a new campaing for your app. You can also create many campaigns for many apps. Each click on your Ads will decrease your credit and increase your downloads.
How to show Ads of other developer inside my apps?
Create your Application and AdPlacement from inside the your dashboard. Then integrate tapsouq sdk in your app and publish it in Google Play. When users update and open your app, then each click on adplacement increases your credit.
How to make my Ad shown inside other apps?
Create Campaign and AdCreative from inside the dashboard. If you have credit, your ads will be shown immediately in other developers' apps. When users clicks on your AdCreatvies your credit will decrease and you downloads will increase.
What is the advantages of tapsouq?
Main advantages:
  • Get new downloads by utilizing wasted/un-filled ads.
  • Collect credit for many days or months and use all credit during a short period to promote your new app and boost it to top ranks in google play.
  • Target new countries that you don't have users in.
What are the Types of ads?
Banner and Interstitial Ads.
How to integrate tapsouq SDK?
Follow the help and resource page in the dashbaord. And if you have any troubles during sdk integration drop an email to info@tapsouq.com, we will guide you step by step.
What if I already have advertising in my app?
You can keep current advertising and show our ads beside them. Either to show our ads in other screens or to show our ads when current advertising failed to show ads. and this increase your fill rate to almost 100%.